About Us

We are investors first, inviting clients to invest alongside us.

Jackson Hole Capital Partners was founded in 2017 in partnership with the Biolchini Family of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today we manage capital on behalf of the Partners of the firm, the Biolchini Family, as well as a select group of private and institutional investors. While the firm is fully independent, common ownership allows us to leverage the institutional infrastructure, controls, and ancillary services of both the Bank of Jackson Hole and Vast Bank. This relationship benefits our clients through distinct opportunities created through these value-additive partnerships.

Jackson Hole Capital Partners has the stability of strong family roots and the dynamic talents and skills to harness unique investment opportunities and achieve differentiated results.

We build customized and transparent investment portfolios based on each of our clients' investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment horizon. We diversify our investment portfolios across traditional asset classes, and for select clients, through Jackson Hole Investment Partners, we offer distinct investment opportunities and private investments in alternative asset classes that have been carefully vetted by our team and identified for our own investment.


The highly differentiated opportunities afforded to the clients of Jackson Hole Capital Partners are rooted in the firm’s deep, longstanding relationships with the Biolchini Family, who own Vast Bank of Oklahoma and Wyoming’s Bank of Jackson Hole. We are fully independent. However, we share common ownership with both the Bank of Jackson Hole and Vast Bank -- relationships designed to benefit our clients.


The Bank of Jackson Hole traces its origins back to 1985, when Robert F. Biolchini and two other business partners purchased a tiny bank with $3 million in assets in downtown Jackson Hole. The bank, which was located in a trailer, was dubbed “the bank in the box” by locals, with townspeople joking that the bank would be towed away in the dark of night. Over the ensuing decades, the Biolchini’s have grown the bank into one of Wyoming’s largest banks, providing full-service banking needs for the communities across the state, including access to the favorable trust laws of Wyoming through the bank’s trust department. Today, the bank has in excess of $1 billion in assets and remains under the control and ownership of the Biolchini family.


For over 35 years, Vast Bank, N.A., has been a locally owned financial institution based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has built its reputation on personal service, flexibility, and integrity. The bank is a full-service financial institution that prides itself on being one of the few remaining independent banks in Oklahoma. The bank has been owned and operated by the Biolchini Family since 1982, under the leadership and direction of Robert Biolchini. Tom Biolchini currently serves as Chairman of the Board.