Our investments are enhanced by our expertise and powered by our partnerships.


Jackson Hole Capital Partners diversifies our investment portfolios across traditional asset classes and, for select clients, we offer distinctive investment opportunities in alternative asset classes that have been carefully vetted by our team and identified for our own investment

Traditional Investing

Customized investment portfolios are structured across traditional asset classes, including equities and fixed income. The firm utilizes bottom-up, fundamental research to select individual equities and fixed income securities for our clients, focusing on capital preservation and growth-at-a-reasonable price. The firm tailors portfolios to each individual client’s needs, incorporating risk tolerance, income requirements, and tax efficiency.

Alternative Investments

The firm’s Partners leverage their expertise and deep network of global relationships to source proprietary and unique deal flow opportunities. Our alternative investment strategies may include allocations to co-investments, hedge funds, private debt, and private equity, all of which are offered to clients on either a standalone basis or as a complement to a more diversified asset allocation strategy.